5 Celebrities More Famous For Their Screw-Ups Than Their Talents

As a celebrity, it’s important to be remembered for your craft and not for the hiccups in your personal life. Unfortunately, there are some celebrities out there who have failed to do this. Their personal issues have spiraled so out of control that their images have been forever marred by their indiscretions. Some celebrities have been able to overcome this. Robert Downey Jr. is one of them. He got his life and his image back on track after many drug-related indiscretions. We’re not so sure the celebrities on this list will be able to do that though! Here are 5 celebrities who are more known for their screw-ups than for their talents!

5. Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton was on top of the world a decade ago. She had a role on the hottest TV show, “The O.C.” and ethereal good looks that had Hollywood calling. She was so in-demand. She was a Neutrogena girl, the spokeswoman for Keds and an up and coming indie star. After a DUI in 2007, however, things came crashing down. It was the beginning of the end for the starlet.

After landing a role on “The Beautiful Life” in 2009, things took a sudden turn for the worse for Barton. Before the show aired, she was placed under psychiatric hold. She blamed a botched wisdom tooth procedure; however, it turns out she was having a nervous breakdown and had threatened to kill herself. Even though she says that those days are behind her, most people only remember the many issues she’s had instead of her once promising acting career.

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4. Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen was more known for his acting than his personal life at one point; however, those days are long gone. Since he went completely off his rocker back in 2011, people aren’t quite as interested in what he does on-screen. Off-screen is where the magic happens and by magic we mean insanity. In 2011, Sheen was acting like a kid who had just stopped taking his psychiatric medication. He said the most bizarre things and behaved in the most erratic of ways.

Many things have happened since then. He has a new television show, “Anger Management,” which pays him oodles of money to do exactly what he did on “Two and a Half Men;” however, people don’t really care about that. They remember what happened before he got this gig when he was living with his “goddesses,” partying on a regular basis, giving some the craziest interviews Hollywood has ever seen and threatening his ex-wives.

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3. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan may still see herself as an actress; however, the rest of us see her as more of an out of control has-been who still has delusions of grandeur. It has been a long while since she’s had a real acting opportunity in Hollywood and by long we mean about a decade. “Mean Girls” was pretty much as good as it will get for this troubled redhead. It has been nothing but DUIs, drug busts and one too many rehab stints ever since.

In Hollywood (and the rest of the world), Lohan has a reputation for being irresponsible and untrustworthy. Things have progressed so poorly over the years that there are very few people in the industry who trust her enough to work with her. The troubled actress doesn’t get this though. She wants her career to be back where it was when she was commanding $7.5 million a movie,. Sorry, Lindsay, but it is way too late.

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2. Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods’ image was carefully manufactured. For a decade, he was sold to us as a family man, a good guy. He had this air of invincibility that no one ever thought to challenge. After the sex scandal, however, people had many questions. How could a man who had seemed so devoted to his family and his sport be so depraved? Everything that came out about his indiscretions seemed to point in only one direction – he was obviously a sex junky.

Since the scandal broke, Woods has tried to rehabilitate his image; however, it has been an uphill battle. All the details from his sex life were just too salacious for the public to just forget. We all know that slept with prostitutes, cocktail waitresses and even a teenage neighbor, all while his devoted wife took care of his kids. Now he will never just be known as this exceptional golfer – he’s also a sexually depraved fool who will give up everything to get off.

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1. Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes used to have a lot going for her. She had comedic chops unlike any other actress her age and she had the leggy looks of a movie star to boot. She was just one of those unstoppable child stars. Things have changed, however, over the last few years. In 2010, she retired. A couple years later, she started acting really bizarre. She was getting arrested for DUIs, was starting weird Twitter fights with other celebrities and was forcibly hospitalized not once but twice.

Bynes is no longer remembered for her comedic acting abilities or for her all American good looks. While she has admitted to being diagnosed as Bipolar and claims that she is currently getting help from a psychiatrist, her erratic behavior has continued. We don’t know what is next for the former actress but we hope, for her sake, she can pull it together.

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