12 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Summer House’

Summer House is one of Bravo’s hottest newest reality shows. Following a group of friends – including Kyle Cooke, Lauren Wirkus, Carl Radke, Lindsay Hubbard, and Stephen McGee – who spend weekends together in a summer house in Montauk, the show is filled with a lot of drinking and plenty of drama. Since the show is currently airing its second season, here are 12 things you didn’t know about the Bravo series:

12. They Were Already Friends Prior to the Show

The group of friends on Summer House had been friends for a while before they were cast on the show together. “I think that almost everybody – other than Carl and I, who met at a party in New York and reacquainted with in Montauk — we all go back, especially some of the girls in the house, seven or eight years. Bravo was looking for an existing group of friends, and they found us through pretty serendipitous means,” Kyle told AOL.

Source: Lindsay Hubbard’s Instagram

11. Vanderpump Rules Meets Summer House

The cast of Summer House first made an appearance on an episode of Vanderpump Rules. Both Ashley and Lauren Wirkus are friends with Stassi, so they invited her, Kristen, Katie and Scheana to Montauk, and all four of them were featured in the series’ first episode. The episode of Vanderpump Rules and Summer House were then blended together on Bravo and it was done so seamlessly that most fans kept watching the premiere episode of Summer House without realizing that it was a new series. This is exactly how Vanderpump Rules was first introduced to viewers. It was through an episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Source: Lindsay Hubbard’s Instagram

10. Kyle Cooke Didn’t Take the Casting Process Seriously

When Kyle responded to the casting email for Summer House, he didn’t take it very seriously. “I responded to a casting email for s–ts and giggles,” he told Page Six. “I’ve been going up to Montauk for years … and as it turns out, the same producers were talking to the twins [cast mates Ashley and Lauren Wirkus] and one thing led to another and we were starting to round up our group of friends who we had already done houses with.”

Source: Kyle Cooke’s Instagram

9. Some Locals Refused to Let the Show Film on their Premises

Not all Montauk locals were receptive to the idea of Summer House. They were worried about the show becoming the next Jersey Shore, so some businesses refused to let the series be filmed on their premises! The Surf Lodge was one of the businesses that wouldn’t let the cast film there. Most of the filming in restaurants and nightclubs took place in Southampton because of this. Bravo responded to the concerns in the community with, “This will be nothing like ‘Jersey Shore.’ We are so much above that. They let loose in a big, aspirational way that is exclusive to this high-end lifestyle.”

Source: Lauren Wurkis’ Instagram

8. There Was More of Lindsay and Everett Fighting Than What We Saw on the Show

On the show, viewers saw Lindsay and Everett in many different fights, and according to Stephen, they were portrayed a little better on the show than what the other cast members saw in the house. “But I think Lindsay and Everett definitely were fighting ALL the time, it was not like a private thing, it was to the point where the house was pretty over it,” he told Betches.

Source: Lindsay Hubbard’s Instagram

7. Cristina Introduced Lindsay and Everett

Season one cast member Cristina had been friends with Everett for years and was the one who introduced him to her roommate Lindsay. “Yeah, it’s funny: I had been friends with Everett for years before he and Lindsay were ever together, and I actually introduced them. I was involved, then they got involved and then they started dating. So, when she said she was going to do it, it changed the dynamic. They’re always going to have each other’s backs,” she told AOL.

Source: Cristina Gibson’s Instagram

6. They Didn’t Pay Rent for the House

According to Stephen, the cast didn’t pay full rent for the house they rented in Montauk. “We do not pay rent on the house,” he told Kate Casey on her Reality Life podcast. “We do have financial risks in the show. We do not have everything paid for. I do not do a share that would have cost me $20,000 every summer. With the show and all the obligations that come producing a show, we needed to have a bigger house. Even though the house is big and you see all of our rooms, there’s rooms that were used for storage, production, and cameras. We weren’t paying extra for those spaces to give them room to produce the show.”

Source: Cristina Gibson’s Instagram

5. Lauren Knew Carl Was Seeing Other Women

On the show, Lauren got really upset with Carl when she saw that he sent a photo of himself at a wedding with another woman as his date, but according to Stephen, she had no right to be that upset because she already knew about Carl’s relationship with this woman. “Lauren knew about this girl before the wedding photo happened. She just didn’t know that she was going to the wedding with him. That’s what was so perplexing to me the whole time and why eventually I just gave up on the whole thing,” Stephen told Kate Casey on her Reality Life podcast. “Lauren is like all about Carl, but she knows Carl is talking to other girls and seeing other girls. She just- I don’t know- if she just turned a blind eye to it on purpose or what.”

Source: Lauren Wurkis’ Instagram

4. Denied Permit for Filming

For season two, Bravo was denied a permit to film the show at 90 Napeague Harbor Rd. where season one was filmed. The permit was reportedly denied due to three code violations, one of which was that the production company had filed the permit for the wrong address. Filming for season two was moved to the Deerfield Road home, which is on the market for $4,995,000. The house is 6,500 square feet and the property is 5.2 acres. There are eight bedrooms with eight and a half bathrooms, a heated gunite pool, tennis court, and three-car garage.

Source: Lindsay Hubbard’s Instagram

3. Cristina Chose to Leave Her Job to Film Season One

During season one, Cristina and Lindsay got into a big fight after Lindsay announced that Cristina was fired from her last job, but she was totally wrong about that. Cristina chose to leave her job because she wasn’t allowed to take part in the show while she worked there. “I was NOT fired or let go. I wasn’t allowed to film this show while working there so I stepped down from my position to film #SummerHouse,” Cristina Tweeted.

Source: Cristina Gibson’s Instagram

2. Cast Members Who Were Dropped for Season Two

Everett, Cristina, and Jaclyn were all dropped from the main cast for season two of Summer House; however, fans can expect to see Everett this season on the show because of his on-again, off-again relationship with Lindsay.

Source: Everett Weston’s Instagram

1. There Weren’t a Lot of Real Hookups

During season one of the show, we saw Carl and Lauren spend several nights together – she even slept in his bed! But, according to Stephen, the only people on the show who were actually having sex were the couples. “All they’re gonna talk about is Kyle and Amanda, and Lindsay and Everett, and Carl and Lauren. Which, this is something you NEED to know – no one except the real couples f–ked the entire summer. People would sleep in the same bed and it would look like, oooh we’re turning the lights out, we’re throwing a blanket over the camera, but they say ‘hooked up’ all the time. I don’t know about straight people, but when gay people say ‘hooked up,’ there was penetration. Like, everyone kept saying ‘well we hooked up’ and I’d be like ‘you made out’ and they’re like ‘that’s what I said!’” he told Betches.

Source: Lauren Wurkis’ Instagram



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