10 Things To Know About Julianne Hough And Brooks Laich’s Relationship

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4. Supportive of One Another

One of the reasons their relationship is so successful is because Brooks and Julianne are totally supportive of each other. “It’s cool because we’re in two different professions. It’s fun to be able to learn about the other’s profession. I think that’s how we support, like, going to each other’s games or performances, and talking about it afterwards. ‘What was going on? What was that move? How come that person didn’t score the goal?’ He’ll teach me about it. I don’t know much about his sport but I’m able to learn…It’s fun. It’s really fun,” she said to ET.



3. Starting a Family

Whenever a couple gets married, it doesn’t take long for people to start asking about children. Julianne isn’t afraid to admit that she and Brooks would like to one day start a family. “That’s kind of been our mindset for a long time, but one step at a time. I mean, I’m sure once it actually starts happening I’ll be like, ‘Wait, what?!’ My sister — she’s in town with her family and she has six kids. So that’s a lot of practice already,” she said to ET. In the meantime, Julianne and Brooks have their two puppies, Lexi and Harley.