10 Most Annoying Survivor Contestants Ever

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Over the past 30 seasons of Survivor, there have been plenty of annoying contestants vying for the million dollar prize, but these 10 were so insanely maddening and irritating with obnoxious personalities that they deserve to be exiled to an island all on their own so they never annoy anyone again. Here they are, in descending order of offensiveness.

1o.  Heidi Strobel (Survivor: The Amazon)

Heidi was annoying in that she relied almost solely on her looks and sex appeal to get her far in the game—and get her pretty far they did. But most annoying of all was when Jeff Probst offered Heidi and fellow cast mate Jenna Morasca peanut butter and chocolate if they would strip naked and drop out of an endurance competition that saw all the contestants standing on poles—and both women took the ludicrous offer. Thank goodness Heidi’s Victoria’s Secret model looks didn’t take her all the way to the end. The million dollars and the title of Sole Survivor went to Heidi’s partner in crime, the slightly less annoying Jenna.

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9. Shirin Oskooi (Survivor: Worlds Apart)

While Shirin was definitely the victim of some totally uncalled-for, insensitive comments by her fellow cast mates (and losers-in-life, Dan and Will), the Yahoo executive from the White Collar tribe on the season that divided contestants according to their social class was nevertheless one of the more irritating players to have ever played the game. From her incessant blabbering to her non-stop strategizing and her emulating Richard Hatch by walking around the island bottomless (but, oddly enough, not topless), Shirin was the definition of annoying.

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8. Rodney Lavoie Jr. & Dan Foley (Survivor: Worlds Apart)

This season saw a lot of annoying players, but even more annoying than motormouth Shirin, were these two jokers from the Blue Collar tribe. The hothead contractor from Boston and the beret-wearing postal worker from Maine were two of the most sexist, unappealing contestants to ever appear on the game, with Dan being the more vile of the two (at least Rodney’s impressions of his fellow cast mates were pretty funny). Best part of the show? When Dan called Rodney’s mother a whore, causing Rodney to explode on him and breaking up their alliance. We take that back: the best part of the show was the reunion episode when Jeff Probst publicly shamed Dan for his lies and attempts to blame his unsavory image on the show’s editing by playing back previously unseen, unedited footage that proved what a jerk he was.

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7. NaOnka Patricia Mixon (Survivor: Nicaragua)

This woman had a perpetually bad attitude that culminated in her tripping a fellow cast mate with a prosthetic leg. When she left the show of her own will after somehow surviving twenty-eight days without being voted off, audiences around the globe couldn’t be happier to see her go. Even Jeff Probst called her “consistently selfish.”

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6. Jonathan Penner (Survivor: Cook Islands)

Jonathan had a smarmy look about him that turned out to match his style of game play. This dude with his super annoying fedora played a famously deceitful game that saw him turn on just about everyone who trusted him without blinking an eye. Even more annoyingly, he made it pretty far, but was eventually cast out to the relief of Survivor fans everywhere.

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5. Corinne Kaplan (Survivor: Gabon)

This girl was just plain mean, and in our eyes mean equals annoying. When she accused her fellow cast mate—the sweet-as-pie, Jessica “Sugar” Kiper—of faking grief over her father’s death, it went beyond the acceptable limitations of villainy. The second worst kinds of villains? The ones who aren’t even interesting (see #3 for the worst kinds.).

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4. Colton Cumbie (Survivor: One World & Survivor: Blood vs. Water)

For being an openly gay male who described the homophobia and personal challenges he had to face because of his sexual orientation, Colton was incredibly insensitive and bigoted when it came to the way he treated others. From calling a fellow cast mate with dwarfism an “Oompa-Loompa” to telling an alliance member who he turned on that he should “get a real job” instead of struggling as a stand-up comedian — it seemed as though Colton had no filter. A little insight into his upbringing was revealed when another player asked him if there were any black people in his personal life and he said his housekeeper was black. So when Colton fell ill and had to be evacuated from the game due to acute appendicitis, it truly seemed as if karma had intervened.

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3. Russell Hantz (Survivor: Samoa, Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains & Survivor: Redemption Island)

Oh, Russell. The guy came on the show to be a villain, and he succeeded, so for that we suppose he should be congratulated. But come on, dumping out your own team’s water and burning another player’s socks were both just plain annoying things to do. And lying about surviving Hurricane Katrina—just, ugh. The worst type of self-proclaimed villain, though, is one who cries when he loses, and that is exactly what Russell did. Boo-hoo.

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2. Jon “Jonny Fairplay” Dalton (Survivor: Pearl Islands & Survivor: Micronesia)

This kid had everyone back home fuming when he lied about his grandmother dying to gain the sympathy of his tribe. But as obnoxious—and vile—as that bold-faced lie was, his face and his hair featuring a ’70s porn-star moustache was even more annoying.

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1. Richard Hatch (Survivor: Borneo and Survivor: All-Stars)

Richard may have won the first Survivor ever and pioneered what has come to be known as standard gameplay—forming alliances, voting strategically and abandoning all of one’s morals at the door.  Richard was a sharp-tongued, devious ego maniac who loved to walk around the beach naked just to make everyone else uncomfortable, even “accidentally” rubbing up against others. To put things in context, this was back when the show was more of an experiment than a game, when it was far less conniving and more about the adventure and the actual “survival” aspect of the experience than strategy. Love him or hate him, Richard was instrumental in helping shape what Survivor has become.

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