8 Female Celebs You Would Never Believe Smoke

An approximate 45 million people smoke in the United States alone, making it a habit that may have decreased in popularity in recent decades, but still continues to remain a common habit. Celebrities are no exception to those who smoke, although there are a number of celebrities who avoid broadcasting it to their fans due to the negative effect it may have on their careers. From super fit actresses to popular singers, these are 8 female celebs who can’t quit the nicotine:

8. Adele

Adele is considered one of the most talented singers in the world for her deep vocals and incredible soulful tone. It may come as a surprise that she has a habit of smoking and in 2011 said that the act is her favorite thing to do in the world.

7. Kate Moss

Kate Moss is known as the most popular model in the world for her skinny physique and natural beauty. The model may have maintained her slim figure after so many decades due to a smoking habit that she has continued. The star has even been seen smoking right on the runway and is said to smoke four cigarettes every hour.


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