7 Celebrities Who Never Smile

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There are some celebrities in Hollywood who are just not into smiling. We’re not sure what the problem is – they all have perfect teeth! All of the celebrities on our list have enviable smiles. They just won’t do it. Some of them refuse to because they hate the paparazzi; others think that smiling causes wrinkles; and some were told many, many years ago that they have ugly smiles. We think that they need to get over their hangs up and start at least pretending to look happy on the red carpet. The only thing worse than not smiling is wasting a perfectly good smile – like these 7 celebrities.

7. Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman isn’t one to smile on the red carpet. According to her, this is because she was told as a child that her smile was “ugly.” “When I was 10, someone told me I had an ugly smile,” she told The Daily Mail. “So I spent the whole of my younger years feeling embarrassed and never smiling with my mouth open. But what are you going to do?”

The “Kill Bill” star also said that she tries to embrace her age. “We all lose our looks as we get older and I actually think there’s a beauty to older people that’s just different to the beauty of younger people,” she reflected. “You look good as a beautiful mature woman, but you do not look 12…If you tried you would look really weird,” she said. This comes after she was heavily criticized for showing up with a new face at the premiere of her show “The Slap.” She later revealed it was just makeup that made her face look so different.


6. Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart isn’t the sort of person who likes to smile for the sake of it, especially if there are any paparazzi around. “Now I feel like if I smiled for a paparazzi photo – not that I ever would – that’s exactly what people would be desecrating me for,” she told Elle magazine. “They’d be like, ‘Now you’re going to give it up, now you’re a sellout.’ Like, okay. What do you want? What would you like?”

It isn’t just the paparazzi that she won’t smile at. When she’s on a red carpet, she’s also puts a frown on with her couture. She kind of has a love-hate thing with fame. She likes the opportunities that she gets to star in movies, as well as the big paychecks that come with it, but she doesn’t like the attention that comes with it. We get the impression that she’s kind of shy and definitely awkward.