10 Dumbest Female Celebrities (With Quotes)!

Hollywood is filled with countless talented, successful and intelligent women destined for fame and stardom. Unfortunately for these 10 women, success and intelligence don’t always go hand in hand.

10. Snooki

The pint-sized, self-proclaimed meatball on her frustration with people giving her the time: “I’m not good with time. Like, if I ask you the time and you say ‘A quarter to 2’ I wouldn’t know. Why can’t you just say 2:30?”

Dumbest Celebrity Quotes - Snooki
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  • Snooty

    Stop trying to force people to download Candy Crush Saga you asshats!

  • facepalm4usa

    What’s wrong with O`day. She might have sounded stupid and probably should not have brought it up, but Hitler wasn`t dumb.

  • Luvlia Lay

    & another idiot speaks

  • facepalm4usa

    Says the idiot who hasn’t read into anything about Hitler. What, do you believe that a moron could stumble into power? A moron could convince an entire nation to back his plans? He was ambitious and cunning. He wasn’t totally a genius but he sure wasn’t stupid.

    But hey, go on and delude yourself some more. Pretend that he was a flash in the pan one time deal only. Dehumanizing the man only makes him cartoonish and harder to see when the next Hitler starts his/her ascension to power.

  • BigDiddy

    Are we not even allowed to acknowlege Hitler’s intelligence? Intelligence and psychopathology arent mutually exclusive.

  • facepalm4usa

    apparently not. People have a kneejerk reaction to whenever someone talks about Hitler in any other way then absolute hate. Hitler was an above average intelligence man and charming beyond any words.

    Unfortunately, his charm hid a psychopathic streak that he kept mostly covered until about July 20th, 1944. That was when he stopped inferring things and getting others to do it (IE: Himmler and Heydrich setting up the Wansee Conference) and started making sure his evil was done by his hand.

  • Michele Hoyt

    Wow, the way I see it, people misspeak all the time…sometimes it is being put on the spot, sometimes it is not knowing about a certain subject, sometimes its a case of not thinking before speaking, etc….to judge these 10 celebrities as the dumbest females based on one statement they made is pretty dumb! Especially considering evety one of these women has been smart enough to use their assets to support themselves in a much higher social/ financial standing than any of us.

  • Peter Lineton

    Good Lord,please save the World from stupid Yanks

  • BigDiddy

    Yea…that’s what you all say until another dictator starts causing trouble…then it’s “save us America, save us”. You’d all be speaking German right now if it wasn’t for those “stupid Yanks”. Ungrateful punk.

  • qualityrkc

    Not the 1940,s anymore. America puts dictators into power now for geopolitical reasons.

  • BigDiddy


  • qualityrkc

    Truth hurt?

  • stranger

    So high price prostitutes are smart because how much they charge.. you should be number1 for that comment.

  • HautePepper

    Brooke Shields was a child when she did that campaign.

  • PeteyGLaFlare

    #1 wasn’t that stupid. Hitler was evil, but intelligent in a manipulative way. Can’t deny that.

  • Christopher Crockett

    God I love snooks. And kelli is sooo hot, kid rock wrote a song for her.

  • Willie Stroker

    The fact this author thought O’Day’s comment was dumb is proof the other themselves is dumb. There isn’t one ounce of false hood in her statement. What a self destructive move by this “author”. Ironic and embarrassing.

  • Intelligent Doc

    The simple fact that he was not ‘brilliant’ and how she claimed he had to be because he ran a country. Bush. Putin. Assad. Need I continue?

  • Intelligent Doc

    That’s incorrect. Period. Research has proven this, repeatedly. I believe you’re referring to mental illnesses such as depression and bipolar disorders. Both a far cry from psychopathy. Aka, mental illness and intelligence go hand in hand.

  • Intelligent Doc

    Exactly. Lest we forgot Michelle Bachman… She is the DUMBEST female to have ever trolled this planet.

  • Laurence Fitzgerald

    And she went to Princeton. So she’s clearly not dumb.

  • D.O.

    You forgot Obama!!

  • robert

    If it wasn’t for a vote of 3 to 2 in favour of English as the first language, held in Congress, All Americans would be speaking German. So what side would you have been on then?

  • Alrightalready

    Lib troll. She’s laughing you all the way to the bank! … as is Bush! Both of your comments were idiotic for bringing politics into this discussion.

  • Lamb

    The reason she sounded dumb to me was because she used “he ran a country” to prove he was intelligent. Someone running a country does not have to be very intelligent. They can easily be the figure head while intelligent people are behind them. I’m not saying that Hitler was dumb, but simply that running a country does not prove intelligence.

  • Ultimos

    I don’t think he was that intelligent. He had the best army, and best generals/ officer corps. He made major mistakes with Britain, lost his best troops in Stalingrad which wasn’t stratigically important, all against the advice of his generals by the way. Even his book was stupid.

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  • Myherofails

    You list bush but not Obama? Let’s look at current approval ratings – bush is over 50% and Obama is about 33%.

  • Myherofails

    Name one dictator we’ve put in power please?

  • Myherofails

    No, but stupid people do.

  • Myherofails

    You sure about that? Germany’s biggest threat to itself in WW2 was Hitler himself. Had he listened to men much smarter than him – his generals and advisors – we would indeed all be speaking German right now. His stupid choices in pursuing certain attacks and funding unproven technologies over tried and true technologies led to the allies winning.

  • Myherofails


  • Ken

    August 1939 Germany was the worlds leader in engineering, sciences art and possibly culture [maybe not art either but they were a leading force in the world]. September 1st it exploded into a wrath that nearly surpassed Stalins Death Machine. Much has of course been written on Adolf and I won’t call him a genius, Misguided Charisma can however be a bad thing.

    I just ordered the book Bloodlands by Timothy Snyder

  • TriniSimSim

    Is it coincidence that 8 of the 10 were blonde?

  • Lakeside Turtle

    Hitler was a powerful and charismaticl speaker. That’s all. I’ve studied German and German history. His speeches could move people to action. Yes his anger issues and mental state are called into question as he was more like a child, mad, because he was a terrible artist and his attempt to illegally over throw the government failed, but as time changed and the economy as well , he was able to sway a nation to his way of thinking. His power was in speech: the national socialist party saw that but thankfully war strategy was not.

  • oyeevay

    Dafuq this alicia silverstone just say? I read it three times and I still don’t get it

  • leviguy1947

    Thanks for saying what many of us were thinking. also “Hitler was charming beyond words”? Really? charming??

  • leviguy1947

    NO. we would not be speaking German. or do you really believe Hitler would have been able to come to this country and we would have just rolled over and handed him the key to the White House? we helped win WWII. for many reasons and no strategy would have changed the war’s outcome.

  • Joseph Wilson

    Let’s not forget the syphilis that he contracted in youth that ravaged his body and mind. It was a time bomb just waiting to go off.

  • Joseph Wilson

    Fidel, Sadam, Osama, to name a few.

  • Joseph Wilson

    Because you don’t speak stupid.

  • Jason Robert McMahan

    I came in expecting at least a few things these people had done to prove themselves stupid. Instead I get a couple of blurbs that may have either been taken out of context or simply been misspoken.

  • Mark Somoco

    Whoever wrote this segment on Brooke, how unperceptive can you be? Do you not understand sarcasm? The “sense” of a statement is often philosophical and subtle and requires an emotionally intelligent response..which, apparently, you cannot provide.

  • Jackson

    Kerry Washington is dumb even by Hollywood standards. That’s saying something.

  • RomanySoul

    What was wrong with O Day’s comment? Had HItler simply run the country and not brought in anti jewish laws or any sort of racial law and had focused only on Germany and not taking over other countries he would have been listed as a great leader. We can’t list him as stupid-he convinced an entire nation essentially that racial annihilation (for lack of better words) was acceptable.

  • disqus_KWU60cJyEZ

    The reason her statement sounds dumb is she didn’t back up her assertion with anything you said. She simply said Hitler was brilliant because he ran a country,nothing more. Hundreds of leaders in history have been average or below average intelligence., very few have been genuinely brilliant. You could argue he was brilliant as a public speaker, shrewd at channeling people’s frustrations toward hatred of Jews, or street smart at eliminating enemies., but that is a far cry from being a brilliant person. I agree with you that O’Day’s comment is somewhat defensible (with more support and specifics) unlike some of
    the others.