Wow – John Mayer Is Super Skinny

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The singer-songwriter, who has dated everyone (and possibly their mother) is looking slim and trim these days. Was it the breakup with Katy Perry that sent him down the path of health and wellness?

As we’re all well aware, things didn’t work out between John Mayer and Katy Perry. Not much of anything works out for either of those two in relationships. Too bad they didn’t do a duet cover of “Lookin’ For Love,” by the incomparable Johnny Lee. That would have been awesome.

Anyway, since the breakup, it seems John is eating a lot better, and loving himself more. Maybe that’s something that Katy taught him? Wherever he got his advice, even if it came from within, John is looking much better than the somewhat bloated, retentive John Mayer who was attending events earlier this year.

What does that mean, exactly? You ever notice how people get that chin? The chin that doesn’t hang down like a bouncy double chin, but balloons slightly below the jawline? Some folks like to refer to that as “sodium chin,” because it has everything to do with diet, and nothing to do with the fat consumed within said diet. One example of someone who was rocking the serious sodium chin for awhile? John Mayer.

Whether John opted for a good 10 day cleanse (which will do away with that funk in the body), or just started eating better to dismiss the potential wear and tear on his physiology, good on him. He looks much better, and healthier for doing so.

Check out the video below, and see the comparison for yourself!

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