Will Kendra Wilkinson Finally Get An Explanation From Hank?

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Reality TV thrives and survives off of drama, that is in fact it’s entire nature of being and also means the more dramatic the relationships are, the more people are interested.

In an era where reality TV dominates,  anyone, everyone and everything is on TV including the strained relationship between Kendra Wilkinson, 29, and husband, ex-NFL player Hank Baskett, 32.

Most recently huge drama between the two has been playing out on the show, Kendra on Top.

The couple who have been married for five years and have two children together were faced with some serious issues when rumors surfaced that Hank had cheated on Kendra while she was pregnant.

The rumors also suggested that the person Hank cheated on her with was a transsexual model.

Hank has continually denied the allegations and Kendra has constantly struggled with what to believe and whether or not to divorce Hank.

In a recent sneak preview clip released for this Friday’s episode of the show, it seems Kendra is finally demanding answers.

In the clip Kendra visits Hank at his apartment, as the two are living separately, and proceeds to tell him, “We’re not married right now,” as Hank begins to cry.

She then finally asks him, “Do you have a fetish? […] Did you go to cheat on me and realize it was a guy? Because I’ve heard that happen to a lot of people.”

While she is finally asking the big question, we wonder if Hank will finally give her any clarification in order for them to move on.

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