Who Wins The Bachelor 2016: Bachelor Finale Spoilers!

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Only a few weeks ago Ben Higgins was introduced to 28 women and over a whirlwind season, the Bachelor has narrowed down his potential loves to just two, real estate developer Joelle “JoJo” Fletcher and flight attendant Lauren Bushnell.

Now, there is only one week until fans finally find out which lady really has his heart after last week’s dramatic “I love you’s” said to both women! Many already think they know who Ben picks and for those who just can’t wait until the final rose ceremony, Reality Steve has all the information right down to the winner.

Who Wins The Bachelor 2016: Bachelor Finale Spoilers

So, it seems even though he claims he loves them both, Ben really only meant it or meant it more when it comes to Lauren. She is given the finalrose, and JoJo is crushed and devastated. It’s a hard blow for JoJo but at least Ben and Lauren seem like the real deal, the two become engaged and have remained so with an absolutely beaming Ben gushing to Good Morning America on March 1 that he is in fact engaged and so happy he can finally say it, although he still can’t say who his fiancée is. Lauren came away as a frontrunner pretty early on in the season, and it seems their connection just grew stronger!

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