Who Does Nick V Choose On The Bachelor 2017: His Final Pick Revealed!

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We are finally getting to that time in the season of The Bachelor where the group of ladies all competing for Nick Viall’s heart is dwindling.

Now that there are only nine women left, it is actually getting harder and harder to tell which woman he is growing closest to, and many fans just can’t wait to find out which lucky lady wins his heart! Fortunately for those fans, spoiler king Reality Steve has everything needed right down to eliminations and of course the final rose ceremony. Of course, Reality Steve isn’t always right but his track record is very good, so read on to find out who Nick chooses this season!

After some fun in New Orleans, tonight’s episode will see Nick and the remaining nine ladies jet off to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands which includes a 1-on-1 date with Kristina, which goes very well, and then a group date which includes some volleyball and Raven getting a rose. It seems his 2-on-1 date doesn’t go so smoothly and Whitney is eliminated as he takes off with Danielle L. Unfortunately Danielle expresses her feelings to Nick, who realizes he doesn’t feel the same way and sends her home as well! Last but not least, the episode also sees the exit of Jasmine who apparently has an interesting revelation for Nick after he lets her go.

With his final six set, according to Reality Steve, Nick’s final four eventually comes down to Rachel, Raven, Corinne and Vanessa. After the elimination of Corinne and Rachel, the final rose ceremony is between Raven and Vanessa, but it is Vanessa whom Nick chooses, leaving Raven heartbroken.

Check out Nick’s final six, and winner here!

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