Who Does Ben Pick On The Bachelor 2016: Final Choice Revealed!

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Tonight, the women of this season’s Bachelor will reveal all of the behind-the-scenes drama, fans missed out on and dish on all the most shocking and interesting parts of the season, but that also means we are still one week away from finding out who Ben finally chooses!

It has been a dramatic road, and things just got even more intense when Ben actually said “I love you” to both Lauren and JoJo which he clearly already regrets as he obviously only means it, or means it more to one of them.

Who Does Ben Pick On The Bachelor 2016: Final Choice Revealed

So, for everyone who already have a good idea of who he picks and want their suspicions confirmed, and for those who just can’t wait, Reality Steve has all of the spoilers! While he isn’t always right, he has been dead on so far this season meaning it is safe to assume he is correct when he reports that Ben chooses Lauren Bushnell and the two become engaged!

For many the news isn’t surprising. Ben has been completely smitten with Lauren for a good part of the season and his guilt of saying “I love you” to JoJo after saying to Lauren was very telling in how he really felt about each woman. Ben and Lauren do become engaged, and while he didn’t mention her name Ben did confirm on March 1 that he is engaged and “very happy.”

Fame 10 Staff

Fame 10 Staff