Who Does Arie Pick on The Bachelor 2018: Shocking Spoilers Update

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Arie Luyendyk’s season of The Bachelor has had quite a slow start, but based on the spoilers that Reality Steve has dropped, this season’s finale might be one of the most controversial yet! Reality Steve is notorious for spilling details of each season of The Bachelor before they are televised, and Arie’s season is no different. For a full breakdown of tonight’s episode and the shocking spoiler twist about the winner, follow along below:

Tonight’s episode will take place abroad in one of the most romantic cities in the world — Paris, France! Arie will take contestant Lauren Burnham on the first date of the episode and the two will stroll through Luxembourg Gardens. The date will be a success and Lauren will leave with a rose.

The second date of the episode will be a group date where seven contestants will perform at Moulin Rouge. This episode will also mark the point in the series where Arie will begin taking two-on-one dates. This episode he will take the season’s villain Krystal and contestant Kendall on a two-on-one date. According to Reality Steve, Krystal will be sent home on the date and we can definitely anticipate some drama with this elimination based on Krystal’s previous dramatic behaviour.

A second one-on-one date will occur with Arie and Jacqueline! We haven’t seen too much screen time of Jacqueline so far this season but based on Reality Steve’s spoiler, the two definitely have chemistry and Jacqueline will receive a rose.

At this week’s rose ceremony, Chelsea Roy and Jenna Cooper will ultimately be sent home.

In the weeks to come Arie will narrow down the contestants to the final four: Kendall Long, Tia Booth, Lauren Burnham and Becca Kufrin. According to Reality Steve, Arie will choose to propose to Becca on the series finale, but shockingly will begin to have second thoughts and break off the engagement after the show wraps to chase after runner up, Lauren Burnham!

For a full breakdown of Becca Kufrin and Lauren Burnham as well as the other ladies in the final seven, be sure to click here!


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