Westboro Baptists Will Picket Paul Walker’s Funeral

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And now, news from Captain Obvious:

“The Westboro Baptist Church will picket and protest at the funeral of Paul Walker.”

This one was almost too easy to see coming.  Before diving in, the members of the Westboro Baptist Church would like for me to inform you that you’re going to hell. Something tells me that the “parishioners” of Westboro Baptist Church would also tell Jesus he was going to hell, because he associated with all kinds of sinners.

So, why Paul Walker? Because these selfish, bait and switch loving liars don’t care who Paul Walker was. They believe the make-believe character he played in the Fast and Furious action/adventure flicks was the reason God took his wrathful hand, and smote Walker, as well as the driver of the vehicle last Saturday. And frankly, it wouldn’t matter if Paul Walker was an example of human perfection. He was famous, he died, the media will cover his funeral, and thus, Westboro will be there.

The Westboro hate cult appreciates fuel for their fire, so there’s never any sense trying to inject reason, sound theological discussion or biblical exegesis into a debate with them. In short, they have their agenda, their scripted answers to every challenge and they’re sticking to it.

Case in point: it’s definitively ironic that they follow and tweet with TMZ on Twitter, and honestly, that they have any kind of presence in social media. One would presume that they’d see the Internet as just another tool of the devil, and that they’d be above such filth. But considering their Internet presence, and their website (which isn’t worth mentioning), it’s the opinion of this writer that the WBC ranks just below porn in terms of “The Top 10 Internet Things That Are Actually Bad for You.”

Check out the video to see the unbelievable tweet they sent out following Paul’s death:


James Sheldon