Wells Adams Surprises Girlfriend Sarah Hyland With Bachelor-Style Date

Source: Instagram Stories

Wells Adams may not have won his season of The Bachelorette, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t learn a thing or two.

With their romance getting pretty serious in the last few weeks, Adams went all out for girlfriend Sarah Hyland’s birthday as he surprised the Modern Family actress with one epic date for her 27th birthday. Adams surprised Hyland with a helicopter trip to Santa Catalina Island which Hyland shared with fans through her social media, but made sure to share a fair warning with her fans first. “Now, I’m going to do an Instagram story of really, really annoyingly cute vomit-worthy videos of my day yesterday,” she said. “Get out your vom buckets ’cause it’s about to get real in this cute house.”

“Wells surprised me with a birthday trip,” Hyland added, biting her lip. “It was awesome.”

The actress went on to share many more pictures which she added writing to including one of herself and her boyfriend with arrows pointing to him and the words, “The cutest ever.” She finally posted one last picture with the pair standing in front of the helicopter, writing, “OK, I think I’m done with the gush for now.”

Following her eventful birthday outing, Hyland returned to social media to share one last Thanksgiving message with her millions of followers. Cherish the ones you love. Be grateful for what you have,” Hyland said “Don’t take things for granted. Never push for something that doesn’t want you back or that feels wrong, that doesn’t work out the first couple of times, whatever in life that may be.”

Source: Instagram Stories Source: Instagram Stories
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