Vin Diesel’s Emotional Speech At Furious 7 Screening

Photo by Frederic Nebinger/ABACAPRESS.COM

Photo by Frederic Nebinger/ABACAPRESS.COM

There is nothing quite like an early screening of a film when the filmmakers–be it crew or cast–are present. Vin Diesel treated a lucky audience to an emotional curtain speech before the first California screening of Furious 7.

Vin Diesel is an emotional guy. He’s a spiritual guy. He loved Paul Walker, dearly. The curtain speech below is oozing with evidence of all these things. Vin reminded the audience that they are a select few who are getting to see the film two weeks before it’s release, and that he’d appreciate them telling everyone how awesome and fun it is, but not spoiling all the awesome and fun stuff that is in it.

When things turned personal, Vin choked back a few tears, allowing his candor to be on full display. The audience picked him up with several words of affirmation, and one guy let him know he was among family–a remark Vin appreciated greatly. He went on to suggest the film was a labor of love, and a legacy piece for Paul Walker. From what early viewers have said, the film is just that.

This film will likely kill at the box office. If you’re behind on the Fast and Furious franchise, watch the first, second and sixth films, and you’ll be pretty good to go. No need to watch Tokyo Drift, and some of the other stuff. Just get with that original cast and watch the ones they’re in. That said, this film will likely stand alone pretty well, and do a decent enough job offering exposition to newcomers. If you’re hard-pressed for time, just watch the first one.

In the meanwhile, check out Vin’s speech below (if you haven’t already).


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