Vin Diesel Shares Personal Footage of Paul Walker

Featureflash / Shutterstock.comVin Diesel and Paul Walker shared more than a movie set and film franchise with their participation in The Fast and Furious. The two maturing action stars developed a brotherhood over the years, and considered one another family. It came as no surprise that Walker’s death greatly affected Diesel.

In in the month since Walker’s death in Santa Clarita, CA, there has been a rash of confusion, and even a few conspiracy theories surrounding the circumstances of the crash. Autopsy results were released last weekend, suggesting both men were likely killed due to the traumatic impact. Walker’s injuries suggest he was bracing for impact in a defensive position, aware that the Porsche Carrera GT had lost control and would crash.

While friends and fans were in mourning, and deep in question and confusion, Vin Diesel put his energy into collecting footage of he and Walker on and off the set. All in all, Diesel has shared some 18 minutes of footage, including some candid moments, and pieces of interviews that never  made it to air. It’s a glimpse offering insight into the filmmaking process, as well as the two friends enjoying their time together. It’s something that fans will appreciate.

Diesel has also recently shared with fans that The Fast and Furious 7 will have Paul Walker’s character in the mix, and that the current rewrites will get pretty creative to make it work. Because of this, Fast 7 has been bumped to a mid-April release in 2015.

Have a look at the video to enjoy some clips from Vin Diesel’s personal collection.

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