‘The Tonight Show:’ J.Lo Responds To J.Law’s Dance Diss

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It may have been more of an “oops” than a stone-cold rejection. Jennifer Lopez would have loved to dance with Jennifer Lawrence–she just didn’t want to do it in a big crowd… or something like that.

This all started on The Tonight Show, and perhaps you saw the episode during which Jennifer Lawrence explained how she and Jimmy Fallon agreed to ask J.Lo for a dance… together. J.Law maintains Jimmy bailed at the very last second, leaving her to tap J.Lo on the shoulder and present the invitation. Jenny From The Block kindly declined the offer.

According to J.Lo, she had no idea what was going on, and had no interest in mixing it up on the dance floor of that party. In short, Jennifer Lawrence is still young, and Jennifer Lopez was acting old. Sorry,  J.Lo, there would have been no better publicity than to hit the dance floor with Hollywood’s “IT” girl. Jimmy Fallon is of the same generation as J.Lo, but will always be playing with the kids on the dance floor, and he’s the coolest guy in school right now.

J.Lo is presently promoting her new album, A.K.A., which critics are not fond of. Lopez has suggested it’s a return to the urban pop of her youth, but really, it just seems an excuse to try and keep up with people 20 years her junior, and show Miley Cyrus that you have to actually have hindquaters in order to booty-pop. (Yes, kids, that’s what they called it before the ridiculous word “twerk” was introduced.)

The best thing about this J.Lo/J.Law misunderstanding is the next time they bump into one another at a party. You know that there will be some serious Jennifer action on the dance floor.

To see J.Lo’s explanation of what happened at that party, check out the video below.

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