The Most Awkward “Bachelor” Finale Ever (Watch)!

Helga Esteb /

‘The Bachelor’ has been a hot mess all season, but the finale surpassed everyone’s expectations in awkwardness!

(Spoilers below.)

Clare definitely got the message that Juan Pablo was not a good guy when his own mother told her that he can be very rude, and that he’s made her cry. His mom also warned Nikki that he likes to stay home and watch TV (getting tips for future reality show fame, we’re sure). Meanwhile, his dad expresses doubt that Juan Pablo would be a good partner, and his cousin says that he likes fighting. Wow, what a catch!

He lived up to this reputation when he whispered something to Clare after their date. Apparently, it was something “no woman wants to hear” and a “sexual thing that she doesn’t want to repeat.” She said that it was  “insulting, offensive and made her feel awful.”

So it sounds like she’s really better off, since Juan Pablo ultimately chose Nikki. Clare also got to tell him off in an epic way! Check out the video for more details.

Juan Pablo seems to have offended everyone on the show, even host Chris Harrison. In an incredibly awkward moment, Juan Pablo wouldn’t even let Chris talk.

What did you think of the finale? Should the show have chosen a more worthy Bachelor — or does this trainwreck make for good TV?


Amanda Young