The Grammys 2015 Most Awkward Red Carpet Moments

Photo by Broadimage/REX

Photo by Broadimage/REX


Even seasoned pros like E!’s Giuliana Rancic and Ryan Seacrest have awkward red carpet moments!

At the pre-show for last night’s Grammy Awards, Giuliana spotted Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett and desperately wanted to say hi. She tried to get the “Bad Romance” singer’s attention, but Lady Gaga either didn’t hear her or heard her and ignored her anyway.

“Oh my god, Lady Gaga,” Giuliana gushed. “Can I just wave for one second?” When she couldn’t get Lady Gaga to turn around, Giuliana admitted that it was “so embarrassing.” She tried to talk to Tony Bennett as well, but got another snub. “Oh well,” she finished, demonstrating that red carpet interviewers need to be able to move on from the awkwardness quickly. Check out the video to see the cringe-worthy moment!

Ryan Seacrest had a similar experience when he tried to get the attention of Nicki Minaj. “Miss Minaj, come on over here,” he said, walking into a thick crowd of people. When she didn’t answer, he tried calling her “Nicki,” and saying “come on, I need you” (desperate!) but that didn’t seem to work, either. Snubbing Ryan, Nicki continued chatting and taking photos with Katy Perry.

Check out all of the red carpet’s most awkward moments in the video below:


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