The Bachelor’s Corinne Says She Doesn’t Regret Her Behavior On The Show

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

It didn’t take long for Corinne Olympios to become the “villain” of Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor, and she doesn’t regret a thing about it.

Olympios sat down with Ellen DeGeneres’ earlier this week to talk about her questionable actions on the show and the backlash she received for it. “I was getting a lot of attention from Nick,” Olympios explained. “I was kind of, like, doing me and the girls were getting really mad and started to ignore me, I was like, ‘What am I doing? Because I didn’t do anything to anyone. I had my time, you had your time, what’s the problem? He’s going to pick who he wants to pick. If you’re being yourself in your time, you’re being yourself in your time, just like I am.’ I didn’t understand why everyone was getting all worried and upset about me.”

She added that she does not regret asking Viall to lick whip cream off of her chest, and does not regret being really forward with him while they were in the bounce house. “The bounce house, it was just good ol’ fun. We were just bouncing around in the bounce house and making out. I mean, everybody makes out with Nick,” and added the whip cream “was supposed to be something silly, sexy, funny for me and Nick to enjoy.”