Teresa Giudice Reflects On Her Time On RHONJ

Photo by MediaPunch / Rex Features

Photo by MediaPunch / Rex Features

Teresa Giudice joined the cast of Bravo’s Real Housewives of New Jersey under the presumption that it would be fun and a good time, however as she reveals on the three-part reunion special, things couldn’t have turned out more differently.

“I came on the show for fun, and it went totally a different way. I mean, look at where I’m at now. I was so naive,” she told host Andy Cohen.

Of course what she is referring to is the fact that Teresa and her husband Joe are both facing prison sentences after being charged with fraud.

She also went on to state how everyone needs to be wary as there were many people who only wanted to cause trouble, warning her fellow castmates of everyone they meet.

“There were people that came on the show that tried to hurt Joe and I. Some of them were housewives and some of them were strangers. Like, even people that just came to parties started a lot of trouble. Just be careful. There are a lot of people that come on the show that try to hurt you.”

Teresa also stated how she thinks she has become a better person over the show and that she just worries “about the important things in life.”

As for their impending jail sentences, her husband Joe accepted the blame, “I gotta blame myself. Who else am I gonna blame?”

Teresa is set to start her 15 month jail sentence starting in Janurary while Joe will serve his 41 month sentence after hers is complete.

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