Sandra Bullock’s Impromptu Graduation Speech

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Sandra Bullock is a gem. She has successfully taken her celebrity, and the spotlight shining upon her and pointed it toward more worthy causes. She’s understated–an activist without shouting her activism from the rooftops–and in some ways, the industry darling who directors refer to as ‘Sandy,” is working toward perfection.

Sandra decided she’d surprise the 2014 graduating class of the Warren Easton Charter School in New Orleans, LA, and offered a commencement speech to the young adults who are about to take the next step in life. Some will go on to college, some will go on to jobs, others will just try and figure out what they should do next. And, as it might be expected, Sandra offered a universal message to the graduating class, and really… humanity: Seek your joy.

While it’s being called an “impromptu speech,” it wasn’t so impromptu. Sandra was most definitely a surprise to the students and many of the faculty at Warren Easton, but she had planned to be there, and had planned her speech.

Sandra adopted the charter school in 2005, following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Since that time, she has donated her time and personal resources to a sum eclipsing six-figures. She has aided the school in securing needs and desires to offer the best opportunities to its students. She is, as they refer to her, a true angel investor.

Can you imagine what it would be like to have an Oscar-winning actress show up, and deliver your commencement speech?

Check out the video below for more details on Sandra’s recent act of inspiration.

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