Rob Kardashian Still Battling With His Weight

Helga Esteb /

Welcome to Wednesday, Fame10 readers. Now, lose some weight, fatties! That’s basically the message Momma (Kris Jenner) Kardashian has offered to her 27 year old son, Rob, who is really struggling with his weight. She has suggested to Rob that he needs to be slim and trim by the time he dons his tuxedo for the Kim and Kanye wedding–’cause you know–they gotta protect the brand of nothingness.

We’ve addressed the issue, now let’s address the cause. Does anyone else find it ironic that Kris Jenner is offering the polite ultimatum in this instance? “Here kid, let me introduce you to a life of indulgence with very little accountability, and by the way, you need to understand your limitations, and all potential issues that could arise with handed opulence and extravagance. Got it? Great!”

Fast forward a few years, and Rob at 27 is doing what many 27 year old guys do–figuring out that they cannot eat anything they want, and pour empty alcohol calories into their body on a frequent basis. Now, he needs to lose some serious weight, and he knows it. He has even taken to his own social media accounts to let people know that it’s a work in progress, and a difficult one at that.

Expectation is a dangerous thing when trying to shed a few pounds. Goals are a great, but they have to be tangible. (You didn’t realize you were gonna get personal training advice here today, did you?) It all starts with diet, and if Rob is really dedicated to get rid of inches, he should start by suspending his bank accounts, and living off of 20 dollars a day. To say it in a way Rob understands: “Fruits and veggies, bruh.”

Check out the video below to join Rob’s struggle. He can do it with our support!


James Sheldon