Rob Kardashian Breaks Silence With Nasty Tweet

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Well… we almost made it through the week without diving into Klub Kardashian. There are just too many of them to possibly avoid everyone for a seven day stretch. The upside? At least we know Rob is still alive.

Rob Kardashian draws both ire and pity, and for what? He’s a victim of circumstance? He has a really annoying mother and sisters? Or maybe he adores his mother and sisters like the niche percentage of their fans, who basically consider the women royalty. Perhaps he can’t handle all the criticism they receive on a daily basis, and it’s launched him into his y0-yo existence?

We’re gonna go with the high probability that Rob wants less influence from his mom and sisters in his own life, while still enjoying the spoils from the faux-entertainment empire they’ve created. He has been silent as of late, and was photographed last weekend looking… unhealthy. His battle with weight is clearly a sign of something else, and it probably didn’t help that his ex-girlfriend, Adrienne Bailon, recently took a few jabs at the Kardashian Krew in Latina Magazine interview.

The Kardashian sisters came to Rob’s defense, and then Rob followed by retweeting something from one of his sisters. It was not nice, and unfortunately, it only offers validity to Adrienne’s claims. Rob should have thought twice, and said something in the vein of “I’m sorry she feels the way she does. She’ll always be special to me.” That would make her claims seem baseless–only rooted in personal bias.


Wanna see what he had to say about Adrienne? It’s only three letters long, but hits heavy and hard. Check it out in the video below.


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