Reality Steve Bachelor Spoilers 2021: A Past Contestant Shows Up On Matt James’ Season


Matt James’ season of The Bachelor is just around the corner! The official season premiere is January 4th but early spoilers have already been revealed about how the beginning of Matt’s season plays out.

Bachelor spoiler king Reality Steve has shared some major inside information about Matt James’s season, including some interesting drama involving a past contestant returning to the show.

Reality Steve initially teased this topic when he tweeted, “What girl from a past season shows up as a contestant on Matt’s season? I’ll tell you in tomorrow’s column. Hint: She’s from within the last 3 Bachelor seasons, so, Peter, Colton or Arie’s season.”

He later took to his blog to share more about this and revealed that it’s actually Heather Martin who shows up on Matt James’s season. Heather Martin first appeared on the show as a contestant on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor. She’s known as being the contestant who has never been kissed and has formed a strong friendship with former Bachelorette, Hannah Brown.

Reality Steve revealed that Heather’s appearance on the show is quite short-lived. He knows quite confidently that she doesn’t show up as a contestant on the first night and that she appears sometime after filming has already started. He added that Matt sends her home the same day she arrives.

The spoiler blogger continued to explain that he assumes this plot was put together and encouraged by Hannah Brown. He believes Hannah likely told Heather that it would be a good idea to show up on the show since she’s friends with Matt.

He added that he’s unsure of the reason exactly why Heather is sent home but he assumes it is going to be a storyline where Matt tells Heather “it wouldn’t be fair to the others” to keep her around.

It seems only time will tell exactly what happens when Heather Martin returns to Bachelor nation! In the meantime, check out our breakdown of more early spoilers about Matt James’s season of The Bachelor.


Olivia Di Pede

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