Reality Steve Bachelor Spoilers 2018 – Who Does Arie Choose?

Lou Rocco/ABC

Lou Rocco/ABC

The ever popular dating series The Bachelor is finally back in action this Janu-Arie and fans are waiting in anticipation to find out who Arie gives his final rose to! Many will remember Arie from Emily Maynard’s season of the Bachelorette and for his affinity of all things race cars, and now they are getting to know him even better as the leading man this season.

Each season, Reality Steve provides a breakdown of all the contestants and reveals a spoiler for who is going to win in the end, and this season is no different! If you just can’t wait, follow along as we recap episode 3 of Arie’s season and reveal who ultimately wins Arie’s heart in the end.

Last week we saw Valerie Biles, Lauren Griffin, and Jenny Delaney eliminated in the rose ceremony which brought Arie’s contestants down from twenty one to eighteen. This week we’ll see a drop from eighteen to fifteen as Arie continues to learn more about the women and determine what he’s truly looking for in a partner.

The episode will feature a group date with a wrestling theme where wrestling pro and former Bachelorette contestant Kenny King will make an appearance. The audience was told to cheer for the contestant they wanted to win the date and Tia effortlessly wins the competition!

According to Reality Steve, Lauren Schleyer will be taken on an one-on-one date this episode to a winery and is surprisingly eliminated! It will be interesting to see what goes wrong on the date since it’s rare that a contestant is eliminated after being given one-on-one time with the Bachelor.

A second group date will take place this episode with a “Best in Show” theme at The Grove in LA. The contestants asked on the date will be Ashley Luebke, Caroline Lunny, Jenna Cooper, Becca Kufrin, Chelsea Roy, Brittany Taylor, & Annaliese Puccini.

The rose ceremony for episode 3 appeared to be relatively easy for our Bachelor! Since Lauren was eliminated on the one-on-one, this means there will be one less contestant to part with at the rose ceremony. Contestant Brittany Taylor will also go home during this episode by choice due to the consequences of her concussion from the Demolition Derby group date last episode. Arie is given the tough choice of eliminating one contestant at the rose ceremony and ends up eliminating Bibiana Julian.

Ultimately throughout the season, Arie will narrow down the contestants to the final four who peak his interest most: Tia Booth, Kendall Long, Lauren Burnham and Becca Kufrin! According to Reality Steve, it is Becca who wins and is given the final rose in the end.

For a complete breakdown with photos of Becca and the three other final contestants, click here!

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