Princess Diana’s Brother Recalls The Torment The Paps Caused Her

(AP Photo/Eduardo Di Baia, File)

(AP Photo/Eduardo Di Baia, File)

Charles Spencer, brother of Princess Diana, recently sat down with Oprah, and discussed all things about his sister, 16 years after their first meeting.

Charles and Oprah sat together in 1999, and discussed the death of Diana, and all things that surrounded it, including the mystery of what exactly happened on that fateful evening. They discussed the impact of her death, and how so many were forced into dealing with their own mortality after one of the world’s most recognizable figures died at such a young age. And in the politest terms possible, he reminded us all that the paparazzi can be quite evil.

Now, in 2015, Charles Spencer has moved on some 18 years since the tragic death of this sister, but even possessing more perspective and wisdom, he conveys the same things about how truly menacing the paparazzi were in the course of his sister’s life, and in all probability how they were the variable cause of her death.

Charles told Oprah that there were certain members of the faux-press who would hound Diana to the point of being macabre–telling her that they would be photographing her until the day she died, and when she died they’d continue to capitalize by photographing her grave. No doubt, a prophecy that has held true, regardless of being rooted in sinister spite.

It’s sad that all these years later not much has changed. Celebrities are still treated as cash cows and lightning rods to the “adoring” public, and the paparazzi who can score a few bucks from capturing their image, whether still or moving.

To see Charles speak about his sister, check out the video below.

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