Princess Beatrice Opens Up About Her Dyslexia In A Rare Interview

Princess Beatrice recently opened up about struggling with dyslexia as a child in a rare interview.

The video was shared by Made For Dyslexia and shows Princess Beatrice getting candid about the positive sides of having the learning disability.

“I think that’s one of the strengths we have as dyslexic is to look at things differently, be a problem solver, find new ways to do things, be experimental, entrepreneurial,” Beatrice explains.

She added that dyslexia “really does affect [her] day-to-day.”

“It develops as you develop, it grows. It’s part of you, it’s part of how your brain develops. It is not something that is wrong with you. It is a great part of how your brain works, and everybody’s brain works incredibly differently,” she said. “There is nothing wrong, there is just everything that is so right.”

Despite her positive outlook and confidence today, this wasn’t always the case for Princess Beatrice. “I was very lucky, I got to go to a school that was very nurturing and very supportive, but I would describe the actual day-to-day learning side of things very challenging.”

“You know, I remember we had different colored books to describe how far where your reading levels had got to and I was always on the white books. My best friends were always on the yellow books or the green books. They were so far ahead,” Beatrice said. “And I think at that stage, those moments of doubt just pop into your head. I’m not good enough, I’m not smart enough. Why am I not like the others?”

She continued, “I think when you’re in the classroom, those moments are very defining. I think if I were to say to my younger self do not be defined by those moments that happened to you in that exam or that classroom because they are lifelong learnings. They are lessons that you carry with you, and they build you up to be who you are.”

She also shared about the importance of bringing awareness to dyslexia. “So I really see the work that we’re doing, raising awareness around dyslexia as a true pillar to stand up the concept of reimagining education because so many young people now are going to be faced with some of the biggest moral and ethical decisions, you really want to make sure they have every tool for success,” Beatrice said.

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Check out the full interview with Princess Beatrice below:

Olivia Di Pede

Olivia Di Pede

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