Paul Walker’s Father Opens Up About Son’s Death (Video)

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We live in a celebrity-obsessed culture. To so many, these individuals become the gods and goddesses of our place and time. They affect the way we dress, eat, exercise, what cars we drive and even what we may choose to believe. It’s in the moments of tragedy that we’re all reminded that these famous faces are no different than the rest of us. Because of their celebrity, we are able to feel a connection. Whether it’s a connection of hope, or sheer disdain, we’re still connected.

Each year offers at least one celebrity death that calls for a moment of pause, and that opportunity for a little self reflection. All too often, these deaths, while sad and consistently tragic, come as little to no surprise. Whether related to drug use, or general life abuse, these are the stories we expect to hear. And then, we’re also privy to tragedies such as the accident causing the death of Paul Walker–accidents that occur everyday, and that could easily involve anyone of us–and that celebrity connection becomes an empathized truth.

A leading man in Hollywood, Walker was never tabloid fodder, nor steeped in, or involved in legal drama. Neither was he obsessed with being a leading man in his real life day to day. He remained relatively quiet in his personal life, and perhaps it’s more because of his sweet disposition than his talent that so many are intrigued and saddened by his untimely death.

Paul Walker’s father, who is also a Paul Walker (III), has offered several moving tributes, and shared many memories about his son over the past several days.

The video below shows Paul’s dad opening up about his grief and his family’s grief over the tragic news:


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