Nick Cannon Suing Mariah Carey’s Business Manager

s_bukley /

In this odd twist of divorce digression, Nick has directed his ire toward the individual responsible for the business of Mariah Carey.

As we’re all aware, Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey went through an odd, public separation last year, amid rumors of Nick’s affairs and Mariah’s nagging. Ultimately, that divorce catchphrase that is inked onto every court document finally appeared: irreconcilable differences. In January, after months of speculation, Nick actually did the deed, and filed for divorce.

Now, there are reports rolling through the wonderful world of mass media suggesting Mariah’s business manager, Michael Kane (not to be confused with Michael Caine, or My-ko-caine if you want to pronounce it properly) was super shady about the sale of Nick and Mariah’s former Bel Air home.

For starters… Nick was never told anything about it. He didn’t object to the house being sold, but he was never offered any of the legal documentation regarding offers, closing dates, nor did he know what the house sold for. At this point, he doesn’t know what’s owed in regards to loan payoffs or how closing costs were handled. Ultimately, he was stone-walled by Kane, who has remained rather prickly, according to Nick’s legal representatives.

Nick let his attorneys go to work, who have filed for a temporary restraining order calling for a preliminary injunction, preventing Michael Kane from touching one penny that pushes into escrow from the sale of the house–not until Nick is involved in the process.

Really, this was quite stupid of Mariah and her business manager. How did they think they’d get away with something like this?


James Sheldon