Nick Cannon Reportedly Living In Hotels Amid Split Rumors

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Are Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey on hard times? Is Nick really staying in hotels? Is it true that he and Mariah are fighting all the time?

If you’re one to believe the rumors–and we’re totally game to believe the rumors… The rumors are alleged to be true. Nick and Mariah are separated, and Nick is making hotels his dwelling place. The celebrity couple have ventured far from their blissful path, and it seems that Mariah is feeling left out of Nick’s present cycle. Nick has been busy working, but according to those close to the people Nick and Mariah are close to (we know how it works in this world), he’s also been busy partying.

Nick is enjoying more celebrity as the host of America’s Got Talent than he ever did acting or doing stand-up. And because he’s on TV, and has a good smile, he’s also apparently a magnet for adoring fans. Or, maybe he just magnetizes toward fans he wants to adore?

This is reportedly the problem with he and Mariah. Nick is spending too much time on the road, playing in Las Vegas (where they shoot the tournament style round-action on AGT) and swimming too close to the honeys in the Las Vegas swimming holes. Nick is not spending enough time at home with Mariah and their four year old twins.

There are even reports that Mariah hired extra security for Nick, in an effort to keep Nick on the straight and narrow while in Las Vegas. It would seem his high-profile marriage would be enough, but we all know how the Jezebel types operate. And it seems Nick is content with strutting like Ahab for the time being.

To dig deeper in this dirt, check out the video!

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