Mission Impossible 5 Trailer: Tom Cruise Makes The Impossible Possible

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Tom Cruise may not be part of the group of Expendables which banded together all of the big-name action heroes of the ’80s and ’90s for an epically cheesy franchise, but that is because he is too busy keeping his own Mission: Impossible franchise alive.

In a newly released trailer for Mission: Impossible 5- Rogue Nation, Cruise, 52, is back once again as Ethan Hunt and once again he has to make an impossible task, possible, all brought together by the same type of suspense, stunts, and music as the first four films.

“Rogue Nation” seems to refer to The Syndicate which is described as an international group of “highly skilled” anti-IMF agents who Ethan Hunt has to take out along with the help of Star Trek’s Simon Pegg as Benji Dunn, who first appeared in the franchise in 2011’s Ghost Protocol.

The Avengers Jeremy Renner also first appeared in Ghost Protocol and is also back for M:I 5 along with Ving Rhames who has appeared in every film since the beginning, but Rogue Nation does have a new director in Christoper McQuarrie.

The trailer shows the typical action sequences fans are expecting including intense fight-scenes, motorcycles, beautiful women and to top it all off, Cruise hanging off the side of a plan as it takes off.

Cruise first took on the role of Ethan Hunt almost twenty years ago in 1996’s Mission: Impossible, reprising the role in 2000, 2006, and 2011. Mission: Impossible 5- Rogue Nation is set to hit theatres on July 31, 2015.

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Watch the trailer below!

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