Miley Cyrus Undergoes Wrist Surgery

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Miley Cyrus, 22, concerned fans when the singer posted sad photos of herself in a hospital gown on Friday December 12 which is not a great start to the weekend.

Along with the Instagram picture in the gown, Miley wrote, “The gown is soooo hipster,” and later posted some very graphic images of the surgery itself.

It turns out, the superstar was in the hospital to have a cyst removed from her wrist, but there have been no details about what kind of cyst with a source saying, “she’s doing just fine.”

The images from the procedure reveal a mass underneath her wrist and Cyrus quickly took to photoshopping images inside of the wound like a pizza slice and writing, “I have pizza in my veins,” she also did the same with images of Justin Beiber and Elvis Presley, keeping her humor about the situation.

While many deem the pics a little too gross to share, fans of Cyrus are used to her antics as she has previously shared numerous nearly nude pictures, as well as a picture of a handmade 5-foot bong decorated with gifts from fans.

It seems the operation was really quick and seamless as the next day, she and new boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger attended a charity shopping event to benefit Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Beverly Hills on Saturday December 13.

Maybe Miley is trying to make a good impression on her new beau’s mother, Maria Shriver, as reports indicate that Shriver is less than thrilled about her son’s choice of a girlfriend. We’re not sure if you heard but Miley is known for her public weed smoking and endless partying.

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