Miley Cyrus In Lawsuit After Sister’s Dog Mauls Model

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Miley Cyrus is now involved in a lawsuit after her older sister, Brandi Cyrus’, dog allegedly attacked an L.A model.

The model, Yolande Ngom, who goes by the name Mancini, claims in court documents that Brandi’s dog, a German Shepard named Feather, viciously attacked her in the apartment building both her and Brandi live in.

Miley Cyrus’ company “Smiley Miley, Inc.” owns the apartment building and Ngom claims that an employee of Miley’s was handling the dog and could not control it, leading to the attack.

The model says she did nothing to provoke the dog and that it viciously bit her, tearing open her right thigh claiming that the attack is “leaving scars so bad she’ll never be able to work as a model again.”

As a result both Brandi and Miley’s company are being sued by Ngom for medical bills and lost wages.

The entire Cyrus clan are known as dog-lovers and unfortunately for Miley she has had her own fair share of drama with her own dogs after she lost one to a coyote and another was killed by then fiance, Liam Hemsworth’s, English Bulldog.

There have been no comments from Miley or her company on the alleged events and no word if Feather has been taken by animal authorities.

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