Miley Cyrus Fans Walk Out of Her ‘Vile & Disgusting’ Comeback Show

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Miley is on the mend, and thus, was able to resume her Bangerz World Tour this week. Her most recent stop? London… where Miley did all the things that Miley now does, but it seems some fans have grown tired of her antics. It’s easily presumed that non-fans have loathed her faux bad-girl vibe since day one.

When Miley took the stage in London, she proclaimed that she had been resting for over three weeks–that she was ready to get wild. She tossed in a couple of expletives, and I’m sure parents with their children who knew Miley as Hannah Montana, were already inching toward the door.

More presumption: When Miley encouraged people in the crowd to start making out with strangers, a few people in the audience got uncomfortable.

More awkwardness: From leotards boasting marijuana print, to humping little people costumed as joints, it’s apparent that Miley is all for the legalization of marijuana. This is probably most disconcerting to the people actually campaigning for the drug to be legalized. The last thing they need are images of Miley dancing through the heads of common citizens when they go to their nearest polling location to vote on state referendums.


Some fans at the Miley show in London were not thrilled with what the Madonna wannabe was putting on the stage, and they walked out. Many of them Tweeting their sad experience. One fan referred to her act as “vile and disgusting.”

So, let’s take this one step further. Do we believe that Miley was really sick with the flu, and that was the reason she was in the hospital? Something smells funky within these claims. Ticket sales in Kansas City and St. Louis were not as good as stated, and those are two pretty conservative cities in the United States. Hmm. Perhaps Miley being ill presented enough of a claim to cancel shows that they didn’t want to do? Of course, Miley could have had the flu, but since when do you take antibiotics for anything viral? And it was allegedly the allergic reaction to the antibiotics that landed her in the hospital again a few days ago. Something in this story just doesn’t vibe.

And yes, that’s nothing more than speculation.

Check out the video below to see highlights from Miley’s London show, and all the fuel you’ll need for your own speculation.

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