Mayim Bialik Doesn’t Know Who the Kardashians Are!

Joe Seer /

Mayim Bialik is one on of TV’s most popular shows, but that doesn’t mean she knows anything about Hollywood celebrities. The 38 year-old Big Bang Theory actress was asked to participate in a session of People Magazine’s High Brow/Low Brow, which tests celebs on their knowledge of academic subjects and pop culture. It’s not surprising that Mayim, who plays a scientist on TV and also has a PHD in neuroscience in real life, scored better on the High Brow questions than the Low Brow questions.

“This is the only time in my life I could ever be considered high brow,” she joked. “It seems I’ve gotten all the high brow questions right.” But she missed a question that many of us would probably answer with no trouble: what are the names of the Kardashian sisters, from youngest to oldest?

Mayim knew who the Kardashians were, and was able to guess two names correctly — but had no idea about their ages, or the names of the remaining sisters. Check out the video to see her try! Mayim also missed a question about a big film star and her fiance, getting only the guy’s last name right. On the bright side, she had no trouble naming a song by a famous pop star — see who she’s listening to!

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