Matthew McConaughhey Talks Marriage And Kids

Photo by Picture Perfect/REX

Photo by Picture Perfect/REX

Actor Matthew McConaughey, 44, has made himself a staple in Hollywood, shining whether he is on the big screen, on the red carpet or even on the small screen with the hit of the show True Detective.

On the cover for the November issue of GQ magazine, McConaughey talked about all things important to him including his career, the NFL team the Washington Redskins and of course his family.

McConaughey has a self-confidence that some may say is too much but it is all part of his charm.

Although the recent resurgence of the actor has been called the “McConaissance”, he has had to work hard now balancing his career with his family life with wife Camila Alves and three children.

When it comes to marriage however, it wasn’t an easy decision, “I had to get to the point where I saw it as more than just the thing to do. I wanted to really want to. You know know, I didn’t want it to be a destination; the fun is that we’re on the adventure together…We talked about it spirtually. We did a lot of reading,” the actor revealed.

He also admits at least some of it had to do with Camila urging him, but whatever it was, the two have been happily married since 2012 now.

However, when it comes to fatherhood, the actor knew it was something he was destined for, “It’s the one thing I’ve always wanted to be. Never is a man more of a man than when he is the father of a newborn…You know what’s important. I definitely got more selfish. And at the same time, I think I got more compassionate.”

The in depth interview reveals a lot both professionally and personally for the actor who is a hit from playing in romantic-comedies to deadly serious roles. McConaughey’s next film Interstellar is set to hit theatres very soon.

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