Liza Minnelli Is Not Happy With Ellen Degeneres After Oscars!

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Uh-oh. Did Ellen go one joke too far on Oscars night? It seems she may have offended living legend, Liza Minelli, with her crack about there being a Liza impersonator in the audience.

Maybe the impersonator comment would have been fine with Liza. But what came next…? Apparently, Liza took exception to the fact that Ellen stated that the impersonator was a “Sir.”

Let’s break this down. We all know that when stereotyping the Liza Minnelli fan base, it is predominately gay men. Remember. We’re talking stereotype, here. And yes, there are more than a few queens who love to honor Liza, by dolling up and belting, “Life is a cabaret, old chum!” No harm. No foul. Well, unless you’re Liza, and it sounds as if someone–a friend nonetheless–has stated that you could just as well be a man dressed as a woman.

TMZ caught Liza heading into what is presumably a dinner, or private event, and asked her about Ellen’s jokes while hosting the Oscars. The only thing more awkward than Liza’s response is the video itself, and perhaps the pained look on the face of her escort. Then, they take things to the next level… literally. They take things all the way up to the curb, and building entrance, and this is no easy task. No. Seriously. It’s no easy task. It takes two dudes. Guy with the camera? He just keeps rolling. He’s not allowed to help. He’s a TMZ documentarian!

Was Liza really unhappy? Eh, that’s a relative term. Check out the video to hear what Liza had to say, how she really feels about Ellen and to see that she’s in need of a stronger escort.

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