Kristen Bell Speaks Out About Vaccinations

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As a passionate mother of two, Kristen Bell is spreading the word about the importance of vaccinations.

The 34 year-old actress, who has daughters Lincoln and Delta with husband Dax Shepherd, recently spoke out about the controversial topic in an interview for the new May issue of Good Housekeeping.

“There is a lot of scientific, proven information out there that shows why vaccinations are necessary,” Kristen says. “Kids with autoimmune diseases, kids who are receiving cancer treatments — they can’t be vaccinated because their immune systems [can’t handle it].”

She continued: “If he then goes to school with my kid and I chose not to give my kid vaccinations, I’m putting your kid at risk. To me, that’s unacceptable. As moms, our responsibility is not just to our kids — it’s to all the other kids, too.”

Kristen has taken a stand against celebrity moms such as Jenny McCarthy, who have crusaded against vaccinations because of a 2011 study that linked vaccines to autsim but was later retracted after it was proven to be fraudulent.

Joining Kristen are plenty of celebrities who stand in favor of vaccines; Amanda Peet, Salma Hayek, Jennifer Garner, Keri Russell and Olivia Wilde have all spoken out in support of vaccinating children or have supported charitable initiatives involving vaccines.

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