Kristen Bell Explains Why They Taught Daughter Sign Language

Joe Seer /

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are a couple of cool cats. You can imagine being one of their children, can’t you? If there were a box of typical childhood, you’d be raised just outside it.

Kristen is expecting the couple’s second child, and enjoying her pregnancy. She has stated that the gestation has been as easy as her first. She credits prenatal yoga for aiding her through the nine month process, and says she doesn’t mind being on her feet and moving around, so both pregnancies have been a breeze. As she and Dax prepare for the arrival of their second child, they’re still hard at work raising their daughter, Lincoln.

Lincoln is rapidly chasing the two year mark, and has begun saying several words, including some complex two syllable words to communicate, but according to Kristen, Lincoln prefers to use American Sign Language (ASL). It’s an impressive form of communication for anyone to learn, and a skill that helps the brain to unlock it’s own Rosetta Stone, especially when taught at a very young age.

Kristen stated, “People recommend doing signs because the baby can communicate with you and say, ‘I want an apple’ or ‘Look at the black dog,’ and you can actually form sentences.”

See there? Outside of the box labeled typical.

In addition to pregnancy, raising a first child and considering more than several entertainment related projects coming across her desk, Kristen is busy with her charitable company, This Bar Saves Lives, where the universal sign language is a big thumbs up.


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