Kris Jenner Celebrates 59th Bday

Helga Esteb /

What do you do for your birthday when money is no issue, and your name commands enough respect that your entire party would likely be comped from any number of venues? You do what Kris Jenner did, and you invite all your nearest and dearest to Las Vegas.

If there is one place that is geared toward having a party, it’s Las Vegas, NV, and if you’re Kris Jenner (who turned 59 on 11/5), you set the weekend aside following your actual birth date, and you do whatever you want to do.

For Kris, turning 59 meant having as many family and friends in her presence as possible. This didn’t include her oldest girls, who were out of the country (or stayed home), but it did include her pseudo-son-in-law, Scott Disick. Scott combined with a party is usually a recipe for disaster, but not this time. Scott enjoyed the party, but remained relatively subdued, enjoying a few drinks through the course of the evening. Where was Kourtney, you ask? Kourtney and the kids stayed at home.

Will Scott be in trouble for attending the bash, and continuing his partying ways that have begun to grate on Kourtney’s last nerve? Not likely. This was a special occasion–not the typical “Scott went out and got hammered again for no apparent reason other than getting hammered” evening. It’s presumed that Kourtney will be happy to see photos from the party, because Scott looked to behaving appropriately.

Now, when it came to momma Kris’s birthday behavior? She was off the charts. She and Corey Gamble, her beau, were very handsy throughout the evening, leading the wandering mind down a path of crinkled brow, and “I just licked a lemon” face.

Hopefully, what happened in Vegas…


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