Kelly Ripa Awkwardly Brings Up Strahan’s Divorces On ‘Live,’ Baffles Michael

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Source: Us Magazine

After it seemed the dust had settled and Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan were going to remain calm and professional for his remaining days on Live with Kelly and Michael, it has been abundantly clear she is not letting things slide quietly.

A day after making a comment about “contract negotiations” Ripa started off Friday’s broadcast by mentioning a story from the New York Post that she had read, stating, “There’s a great article in the paper and I want to get your take on it, because I don’t have a take on it. But I want yours. So you’ve gotten divorced. And anybody here, like, gotten divorced?” Clearly Strahan was not expecting it or too pleased about it considering his reaction which was both baffled and not impressed, and continued to shake his head as Ripa continued “It also sounds like something only rich people could do.”

Eventually Strahan did enter his thoughts on the subject and even spoke about his ex-wife, but yet again the awkward tension was immediately noticeable as Ripa continues to make quick, yet potent remarks both about her co-host and the company. It’s hard to tell if she purposefully was taken a jab at Strahan as his breakups were constantly under public scrutiny when they happened, as rumors of him being somewhat of a playboy have plagued him since his years in the NFL.

Do you think she was intentionally taking a shot at Michael? Check out the clip below!

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