Kelly Clarkson Reveals That No One Will Work With Her

Photo by Perry Smylie/REX

Photo by Perry Smylie/REX

Singer Kelly Clarkson has been a music industry staple since winning the very first season of American Idol back in 2002 and aside from Carrie Underwood, she is the show’s crowning achievement even after all these years.

Clarkson has continued to make music and perform all while also dealing with a busy personal life including getting hitched to husband Brandon Blackstock and welcoming daughter River and continuing to battle ongoing criticism about her weight fluctuations.

Her positive personality and hard work ethic are evident and yet in a recent interview with BBC Radio 1 the 32-year old singer revealed that she is having a very difficult time getting other artists to work with her.

“I honestly would collaborate with a lot of people, but everyone usually says no,” she told host Nick Grimshaw. “I’m not kidding you, I have legitimately asked several people that I’m not going to call out, and that’s cool, but I don’t know.”

Although she wouldn’t name names, she did reveal they are definitely recognizable ones, “I ask good people, I don’t want to sing with crap people, so I mean, I ask people who are great vocalists, but I’m not going to point out anyone. I have asked several people… Sometimes I feel like I have the plague, or leprosy, they’re like, ‘If you get too close…’ I don’t know.”

Always the optimist however, she is hanging her hat on one big name who agreed to work with her as she gets ready to debut her seventh studio album “Piece by Piece” next month.

“I got John Legend to say yes, and he’s cool. I can get country artists to sing with me and John Legend! I’m gonna keep John Legend. He’s super credible and talented. I feel very good about myself with that one.”

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