Katy Perry To Play This Year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show

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Numerous reports now indicate that this year’s Super Bowl Halftime performer has been named, and it is pop-star Katy Perry!

The 29-year old singer has been one of the names in contention for the spot for months now, along with the likes of Coldplay, and Rihanna.

However, after Rihanna and the NFL had some drama earlier this season when CBS pulled her song prior to the first Thursday Night Football game.

The song was pulled because of the Ray Rice domestic violence situation and it was widely known Rihanna was a victim of domestic violence herself from ex-boyfriend Chris Brown and CBS wanted to “set the right tone.”

Rihanna was very public about her anger with the decision and so it is no surprise Katy Perry won out.

There is also the issue of reports that the NFL is now asking halftime acts to pay the NFL to perform the halftime show, which did not go well with many artists.

Katy Perry is a known football fan and was recently on a segment of ESPN’s College Game Day where she stated, “I’m not the kind of girl to pay to play the Super Bowl.”

However, it seems Perry and the NFL have indeed struck a deal.

Perry has had continued success over her career and the Super Bowl halftime show is one of the most watched televised events ever, with last year’s show pulling in 111.5 million viewers.

Super Bowl XLIX is scheduled to be played February 1, 2014 in Glendale, Arizona.

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