Katy Perry Cancels Birthday Trip To Egypt

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Mega star, Katy Perry, will be celebrating her 30th birthday on October 25, 2014, but won’t be ringing it in the way she had initially planned.

Although she has been super busy with her extremely popular Prismatic world tour, the singer was going to treat herself to a trip to Egypt in for her birthday this year.

The singer who features an Egyptian theme and calls herself “Katy Patra” in her video for her hit song, “Dark Horse” had plans to cruise down the Nile River in Egypt and even dress up like Cleopatra to truly enjoy the Egyptian spirit of the trip.

But even the best laid plans sometimes don’t come to fruition and Katy has had to cancel the trip.

Reasoning seems to be political issues currently happening in Egypt but there were also reports that her itinerary had been leaked, meaning anyone could know where she was going to be and when.

While Egypt may be out, she also planned on travelling to Morocco, South Africa and Paris before returning to her tour for the Australia-New Zealand portion which kicks off November 7 in Perth.

Aside from being one of the biggest stars on the planet right now, Katy already had one birthday wish come true when she got a “Happy Birthday” posted on the Shakey’s Pizza Parlor sign after tweeting at the company.

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