Katherine Heigl Felt Betrayed Over Career Downfall

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It’s a fickle thing, the news media. And nobody knows that better than Katherine Heigl. The blonde beauty, who was poised to become one of Hollywood’s true “it” girls, reveals that she felt betrayed by Hollywood when she hit her career lull.

Katherine has never been shy to express her feelings to the rest of the world via interview. The girl will tell it like she feels it. Because of her nature, she’s often found herself slip from the grasp of grace within the entertainment industry.

It began with her harsh words regarding sexism in Hollywood, and her outspoken criticism of her role on Grey’s Anatomy. Someone–Katherine’s publicist–should have shared with the rising starlet that she should never bite the hand that fed her, regardless of her feelings. Had she made it to the top of the mountain, she might have then chosen to express a few thoughts that were less than complimentary. Unfortunately, she did it as she was climbing the mountain, and then hoped for more rope and climbing equipment from folks on the other side of the camera. (This is a metaphorical analogy.)

These industry pros weren’t interested in aiding Katherine’s effort. Most of those people have been burned before–potential criticism from a peer never sits well with writers, directors, show creators and producers.

Katherine also admitted that she spent way too much time in the world of romantic comedies–that she should have done more challenging work to keep people interested in her career. Maybe so. Going the route of Charlize Theron is never a bad idea: Do something cute, do something action, do something ugly. And for the love of your own career momentum, always be gracious in interviews.

Check out the video below to hear what Katherine had to say about her career skid.

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