Kate Middleton Wrote A Personal Note Thanking The Designer Of Her Pakistan Tour Ensemble

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Kate Middleton sent the sweetest note to the designer of one of her Pakistan tour ensembles!

On the last day of the royal tour, the Duchess stepped out wearing a glamorous black and white embroidered kurti by Pakistani designer label Élan. Following the tour, Kate reached out to the label’s creative director, Khadijah Shah, to show her gratitude and send her thanks. While the body of the text in the letter was typed, Kate personalized the greeting in her own handwriting and signed the note off with her signature as well.

“Thank you so much for all of your help ahead of my tour to Pakistan,” Kate wrote. “I am so grateful to you and your team for the wonderful selection you made for me to choose from — although having so many beautiful things did make the decision making a little more difficult! I loved the outfit I wore, so thank you for all your time and effort.”

She continued by adding a note about her appreciation of the country. “Pakistan really is a wonderful country, which we both thoroughly enjoyed visiting and hope to return to one day soon.”

Shah shared a photo of the personal letter to her Twitter account and added a note about Kate as well. “I was delighted to have even been considered, this is just humbling to a whole different level,” Shah wrote. “However what’s most commendable is the consideration, grace and thoughtfulness of HRH the Duchess Catherine, it is no wonder that she is so respected and beloved.”

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See Kate’s personal note below:

Olivia Di Pede

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