Kate Middleton Sends Personal Letter To Children’s Hospital Amid Ongoing Health Concerns

Press Association

Kate Middleton is showing her gratitude to health care workers by sending personal letters to thank them for their service.

The Duchess of Cambridge is a patron of the Evelina London Children’s Hospital and acknowledged the hard work they are doing at this time. “I am writing to let you know how much I am thinking of all the team at Evelina London during this hugely difficult time,” the Duchess of Cambridge wrote to the staff in a letter dated April 14.

“It is heartening to know you are still very much open for business and continuing to provide expert care to sick children despite the challenging circumstances,” she continued.

“You are all truly inspirational and I know how much you will be there for these families, as you always have been.”

“You are now facing the additional pressure,” Kate added, “but it is a testament of your support and commitment to your patients that you are all pulling together to ensure they will have the best possible care.”

“Whether working on the frontline, or behind the scenes, you will be having to juggle these pressures and manage both your professional and personal lives. Please look after yourselves and each other and know that the whole country is behind you.”

“This comes with my very best wishes for the good health of you and your families over the coming weeks.” She concluded the letter with a personal signature.

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Check out Kate’s full letter to the hospital below:

Olivia Di Pede

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