JLo And Casper Smart Aren’t Back Together – They Never Broke Up

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Jennifer Lopez, 45, is one smart business woman, as she has no problem playing her relationships into (or out of) promotions for her work.

Everyone was shocked to see J.Lo and her thought to be former boyfriend Casper Smart, 27, openly kissing on the Hollywood set of American Idol just this week when Smart picked her up from a taping, seemingly confirming the on-and-off pair were back on.

Reports indicate however they aren’t “back on” because they’ve never been off, and their split back in June was all faked in order to better promote their individual films.

Starring in The Boy Next Door, TMZ reports that those at the head of the film thought it would be easier to stir up interest in the film if they created buzz that Lopez was dating her hot, younger co-star Ryan Guzman, which wouldn’t make sense if she was still with Smart. Apparently the fake split also worked well for him as well because he was busy shooting a film, Street, and he would be more appealing if it seemed as though he was single.

While the reports of a fake break-up may seem odd, it makes a lot of sense when it comes to the pair, as they confused a lot of people by constantly hanging out and holding hands in the months after they split.

They most recently walked separately down the carpet for the premiere of the animated film Home in which Lopez voices a character and Smart worked as the choreographer and creative director of the movie and when asked if he had to work with his “ex” Smart just stated he didn’t have involvement with the voice actors.

Well played, you two, well played.

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